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Sigrid & the Nasty Women Art Exhibit

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I can do that, I used to run a gallery


That was Sigrid's response when she heard about the Nasty Women art movement. So she put out a call on Facebook to see if anyone else would be interested, and after receiving an overwhelming response she went for it. Six weeks later, 42 artists donated over 70 pieces of art and over $4,000 was raised for Planned Parenthood South Atlantic.


The Nasty Women Art Exhibit started as a single show in NYC and has grown into a global movement. As an opportunity to bring together artists and support organizations defending women and individual rights, there are over 40 art exhibits scheduled around the United States and abroad, with more being added.


Artists who identify as Nasty Women from all over the Piedmont Valley donated work, 
many of whom started creating before the call for the show went out. As interest grew, several female-led local bands offered to play for free, turning the show into an evening of art and entertainment for the community.