Digitial Photographer and Illustrator



The Moonlight Silhouette series grew out of photographer Rich Tarbell’s search for an original idea for a new photo project. Primarily known for his concert photography and portraits of musicians, he eventually arrived at the idea of combing the forms, shapes, and artistry of aerialists with the old-school technique of silhouettes. The first series of images was staged and shot several years ago and was so popular that he was always being asked when the next round of images would be available. 

For the second Moonlight Silhouette series, Rich knew that he wanted to improve on what he created the first time. This time with a fully funded kick-starter campaign, he had a scrim specially constructed to serve as the backdrop for the images and to create the large format silhouettes. This second round of shooting also allowed Stephanie and Mallory time to create new poses that would work well specifically for the photographs.

For more information about Rich and to see more of his work, go to https://richtarbell.com/ and  https://www.instagram.com/richtarbell/.

Step 1 - the setup

Over the course of three of the hottest days in July, Rich and a small crew worked together to create the scrim, setup the lights, deal with the electrical challenges, and get things ready for shooting day.

Step 2 - The Shoot

Temperatures of near 100 degrees didn’t deter Rich, Stephanie and Mallory, and assistant Allison from putting together some amazing images.

Step 3 - The Showing

All of the hard work led to a gallery showing at the IX Art Park one night towards the end of the summer, with an opening night celebration that was described by Rich as “a damn good party”.’

The photographs will have a new home in November and December of 2016 at Trager Brothers Coffee 2.0 located at the Rockfish Valley Community Center in Nelson County, VA.  The opening night is Saturday, November 5th from 6-9pm and will feature acoustic music sets by Sally Rose and Sweet Pete Stallings.