Digitial Photographer and Illustrator



Stories in my Head

Stories in my Head is a collection of photography composites of the pictures that float through my head as I go about my day.


O long may it wave

O Long May It Wave was a personal project documenting the resistance movement in Charlottesville,Virginia. Starting with the Women's Rally on January 21st, 2017, I noticed a wave of community involvement and activity like never before. People who have never previously been or considered themselves politically active were getting together, showing their support for the causes they believe in, and trying to find ways to speak out and be heard. This is my way of documenting that effort here in central Virginia


The Creating Process

The Creating Process is my attempt to document how and why people create. To profile those who work day after day on their craft in an effort to improve their work, and the passion and commitment it takes to create better work. These stories are told in the creators' own words, and are meant to provide a sneak peak into their process, their tools, and the space they use to create.


Inside the Artis’s Studio


Nude in Motion


Lines and Curves