Digitial Photographer and Illustrator



Gina Sobel’s latest project is Choose Your Own Adventure, a collection of musicians who come together to play improvised and unrehearsed shows in and around Charlottesville. Instead of having set playlists for each performance, the band creates the song on stage as they play together.  

To contact Gina and find out more about her music:
email: gina.sobel@gmail.com

I started this band because I wanted to have a fun and creative bar band that could provide a good time and a good atmosphere. It’s more of a collective, so we’re not reliant on everyone to be available all the time, we can get a group together and play late night just about anytime. None of us have a chance to jam anymore, so we just jam on stage.
— Gina Sobel
Part of why this works is that we’ve played together for so long. If we didn’t trust each other and know each other, this would be a lot harder.
— Gina Sobel