Guillermo X Ubilla
Digital artist and photographer

For Hire

Available for hire and open to me at or 434-422-0052

Don't judge a book
I wanted to create an image that told two sides of one story, one above the surface with an unexpected surprise below. Using about a dozen stock photographs for this image, the main hurdle was color correcting images taken at different times of the day and making them work in a moonlit, night-time setting.


If you're looking for

Photography + Moving Images
Original photography that conveys a specific mood or tells a particular story, or think your story might benefit from moving images that are more likely to grab people's attention.

Retouching + Design
Images that are beyond the standard and stock photos you see everywhere. Tell a more complex and interesting story by using images combined with text and illustrations, or surreal photographs that aren't limited by what you can put in front of your camera. 

Digital Training + Tutoring
Someone to teach you photography or photo editing skills, or need to learn how to take the images you have and use them effectively across various digital platforms online, in social media, and on mobile apps.

Adobe Photoshop Certified Expert


About me

I live and work out of Charlottesville, VA. Able to jump in from the conception phase providing finished artwork, I enjoy working with businesses and individuals to create custom visuals that grab people's attention and tell them a story.

Outside of my work, my days usually include some kind of exercise (I can get a little cranky if I don't do some kind of activity on most days) and wrangling 2 crazy dogs. I've been known to cry at Rocky movies, and would always choose a fancy cocktail over a fancy meal.