Digitial Photographer and Illustrator


Hi. I'm a digital artist and photographer based out of Charlottesville Virginia. I create visual images that live somewhere between the real and the surreal, and I want to share my stories in the hopes to encourage others to create and share their own. I believe we all have stories worth sharing.  

I'm on a mission

I'm on a mission to eliminate the phrase, "I'm just not creative" from the global vocabulary.  I want everyone to understand that creativity is like a muscle, the more it's used and exercised regularly, the stronger it becomes. We all have the power to be creative, and I'm interested in helping those who have a strong desire to use creative visual images to share their stories.

The stories I tell come from the world that I see in my head. I've never been good at using words to express myself, and it wasn't until I discovered visual communication that I felt like I was able to really speak. Digital art allows me to create and share stories not limited by reality and to finally be able to share what I'm not able to share using words alone. I use digital photography as the basis for my work, then use a variety of digital manipulation techniques to take away from and add to the photo to focus on the message of the piece. This allows my stories to have a basis in reality, but still communicate the message I want to share not limited by that reality.

Outside of my work, my days usually include some kind of exercise (I can get a little cranky if I don't do somekind of activity on most days) and wrangling 2 crazy dogs. I've been known to cry at Rocky movies, and would always choose a fancy cocktail over a fancy meal for dinner.


Guillermo X Ubilla
Charlottesville, VA

Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop CS6 and CC

Member of McGuffey Art Center in Charlottesville VA #mcguffeyartcenter